Built in 1944 by German immigrant August Furst, the Moorish Revival architecture was a unique style for a residence in Shadow Hills, a sleepy, equestrian focused neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.


Furst Castle sits at an elevation of 1,300 feet atop an eight-acre hillside property with sweeping view of the San Fernando valley. At the street, the property presents a white stucco wall with metal gates and chainlink fencing. Just inside the main entrance, two modest residences can be seen, one Spanish Colonial Revival, the other Minimal Traditional. Features of the property include a 250,000 gallon pool (currently drained), a gazebo, a 20 foot tall cross, and a winding, hillside driveway to the main residence - measuring 1,972 feet long, it's more than a third of a mile.


The 5,400 square foot residence features a Moroccan-style sunken room, a Roman bath, multiple bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 6 bathrooms, 2 garages, and multiple unique spaces. Both modern and old-world hardware and features are scattered throught this eclectic home, including imported Mexican tile, stained glass windows, a European style fireplace mantel, and much more. The rooftop features 2 domed capulas, the larger of which was built as a sauna.


Furst Castle is happy to host your event, whether it's filming, a private party, wedding, or seminar.

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